Bold Business School

Learn how to create not just a course, but a dream offer and a digital product business set up for unlimited profit and freedom.

Does any of this resonate with you?

🤷‍♀️ You don’t know the first thing about creating and selling digital products. You aren’t confident selling, aren’t sure what to sell and how to make all the pieces fit so you can turn this into a profitable business. But you’re willing to learn and try.

💸 You want consistent revenue. Passive income that comes month after month + doing work that matters + having FREEDOM.

👩🏽‍💻 Maybe you’re an underpaid service provider wondering if this is what self-employment really looks like, a coach who wants to work less while earning more, or a burned out blogger ready to scale.

⛓️ You feel trapped. Whether you have a job you can’t stand, want to live in another country, are in a toxic environment or relationship, want to move out of a home that depresses you, or have unresolved issues and unhealed traumas that keep you up at night – YOU NEED FREEDOM. You need a purpose, a way out of your current situation (physically, mentally and spiritually), a new hobby, financial freedom and flexibility.

I’ve been there. And here’s the story of how I got out of this trap and reclaimed my freedom.

I want to take you back to 2014-2015 when I was still living with my parents, and was expected by everyone to do a masters and follow a clear career path. But I was already miserable living by their standards, so continuing this (and god forbid, entering the corporate world) was out of the question.

My online hobby (starting a blog to write about topics I’m passionate about, such as personal development) had turned into something more – a possibility to become my own boss and play by my rules.

I had started earning money by writing articles for clients (using my blog posts as my portfolio). This wasn’t anything I had experience with, but my vision for a better future (with total time and location freedom in it) was guiding me.

Earning those first $100 felt unreal. Then, it was a matter of repeating the process.

After some time (meaning, a lot of confusion, sleepless nights, bad clients, and unpaid invoices), I had a real thing going on – I was a freelance writer earning a regular income from my laptop. That was my first taste of the self-employed life (or so I thought).

I was also growing my blog on the side and started monetizing it. The 2 income streams combined helped me save some money and have trust in the process (and an income to live off of), which was all I needed at the time to leave my home country, move to my favorite city in Europe (Amsterdam) and start a new chapter, as independent as humanly possible.

So far, so good. But then all the challenges of being a freelancer hit me even harder.

Have you had a period in your life where your days weren’t enjoyable anymore? Maybe it was (or still is) because of your day job.

Or maybe you’re a service provider or coach and are constantly doing client work, answering unrealistic expectations, negotiating your rates (and ending up being underpaid), fearing clients will leave if you ask for more, working more hours than you’d like, and constantly having to look for new clients.

That’s the situation I ended up in. I wasn’t at peace, I wasn’t in control of my time, and it was as if my business was running me.

I had to admit it: I didn’t have a real business at that time.

I was legally self-employed, but my clients were making most of the decisions, and I was exchanging time for money. That wasn’t scalable, it wasn’t the best way to use my time and skills, and it definitely wasn’t fun.

And if you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you know how that feels…


Fast forward to 2018-2019, I had completely replaced my freelance income with my blog income.

I was now a full-time blogger.

No more clients to answer to and pitches to make. No more invoices, low rates, third-party platforms to rely on, and never again would I have to write an article that someone else will own. I was out of the rat race!

I learned the ins and outs of the industry, monetized my blog in 4 different ways (mostly, passive income), reached $5K months while working minimum hours, and didn’t even feel like I was working most of the time.

My email list was growing, the blog reached 1 million page views per year, I was only creating content I was passionate about, and I even got to interview self-made millionaires on my blog and share their story.

Good times! But then… I wanted more.

Turned out, not all months were $5K months. Even the passive income streams required consistent attention. The traffic depended on Google algorithm changes. Trends in the industry were changing too often.

And once again… I started dreaming about more freedom and profit, but with ease and flow.

Little did I know that at the time I was already into my current business model – a digital product business. One of the 4 ways in which I monetized the blog was by selling digital products (eBooks, printables and a course).

However, I just had the products and shared them with my audience every now and then, linked to them from posts, etc. Sales were coming from time to time but there was no real engagement, the students didn’t experience a huge transformation, I didn’t identify as a course creator, I didn’t create life-changing programs, and I had never officially launched anything.

I started learning more about the digital product business model, and a few things stood out…


The digital products industry is booming. You need a great offer and to know how to launch it to the right people using the right messaging. When you nail the elements, it all fits together and you create not just a one-time revenue, but a proven way to make money for as long as you want to stay in business (+ experiment with different offers, pricing models, sales processes, etc.)

So many other people out there were doing this, and so many of them were once service providers, bloggers or coaches who wanted more freedom and a scalable business.

There’s never been a better time to start a digital product business.

You can create a profitable business around 1 offer/program.

Others are making millions from 1 course, by launching it over and over again.

🔆💡👉 It became clear to me: digital products are the most effective way to have unlimited freedom and income, while providing epic value at the same time.

That’s when I decided that my new goal is to transition from a blogging business to a digital product business and fully step into my role as a course creator.

Over the next 2 years, I:

✨ completely re-designed my first signature program (a blogging course teaching people how to start, grow and monetize a blog from scratch)
✨ created more courses
✨ partnered with other reputable course creators and participated in bundles
✨ welcomed thousands of students into my free courses, and hundreds into my paid ones
✨ got amazing feedback from my students and that made it all worth it
✨ was named one of the top course creators and experts to watch in 2021 by Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance
✨ took courses and learned from the best of the best in the industry when it comes to email marketing, launching, and creating and selling courses
✨ did everything the wrong way, analyzed what happened, learned from it, and then started helping others do it in less time and without the confusion.

That’s my story, and that’s why I’m here today. Because I know what it feels like to exchange time for money, to think you run a business but to have your business run you. To not be able to scale, to not have automations and systems in place.

It’s exhausting and it’s not sustainable.

If you’re tired of being paid by the hour, working with clients, waking up early to be on a call, creating all this content and maybe even releasing offers but not having any big wins yet, or just feeling like this whole online business thing isn’t for you…I can help.

I created a very special program that’s made exactly for you. It teaches you how to become confident selling, create your first product and turn it into the perfect offer for your ideal customers, and build a profitable digital product business so you can have more time, freedom and money than you know what to do with.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘But I don’t know the first thing about creating and selling digital products…’

I get it. Whether this is totally new to you, or if you’ve created a product and have made a few sales but don’t know how to turn that into recurring revenue and automate it, here’s what you need to build a digital product business and reclaim your freedom.

Bold Business School


Bold Business School is a program designed to help you build a digital product business that provides unlimited freedom and income.

This expansive and empowering business experience will support you through shifting your beliefs, growing an email list and making email marketing work for you, creating a strong foundation for your business, designing your signature program and turning it into a magnetic offer that you launch strategically and can sell over and over again.

You might be this possible for me too?

I can tell you this – it’s absolutely possible.

I didn’t have ANY experience in any of the 3 business models I’ve tried over the years. No degree, no knowledge, connections, or initial capital. English wasn’t even my first language. I wasn’t tech-savvy, I didn’t know other people doing the same, and I had no proof it could work for me. No one took me seriously other than my mom. But I took a chance on myself, and I kept trying until eventually everything that I wanted worked.

And because I believe everything is teachable if we approach it with the right mindset (and can see results much faster with a proven roadmap), all you need to do today is take a chance on yourself too.

Here are the many things you’ll learn how to do (and actually get done) inside Bold Business School.

These are the building blocks of your digital product business (add to that many mindset shifts you’ll experience throughout the program, the things you’ll automate so you can make repeat sales and earn passive income, and the value you’ll provide by serving your audience).

So, are you ready to be the Next Level You and have a fully functioning digital product business a year from now, or will you stick to what you know and keep having the same results?

Let's take a look inside the program


We start by setting you up for success, and that always happens on the inside. Most entrepreneurs admit that 90% of business is mindset work, so in this module, we’ll tackle your limiting beliefs around business, money, sales and self-worth.

PS, This is a good moment to go through the 3-Day Money Magic Training (which you’ll find in the Bonus Vault)


Module 2 is all about setting the foundation of your product-based business, such as defining your niche and ideal client, choosing your main platforms and creating your content marketing strategy.


Your email list is your biggest asset and in Module 3, you’ll see exactly how to set up an email list, create a magnetic lead magnet (that will attract only the right people to your audience), and start getting subscribers. You’ll also master opt-in forms, welcome emails, automated email sequences, and sending weekly newsletters.


People don’t want your product, they want the transformation it provides. That, together with any other action taken to present the product in a unique way and make the sale a no-brainer for the ideal client, is your offering. You need to nail all key elements of an offer so your launch can be a success. In this module, you’ll also learn how to come up with your epic course name and framework, add a guarantee, the right pricing, winning bonuses, and more.


Creating a sales page that converts is the final element of your dream offer. In this module, you’ll get access to trainings and resources (including Plug-and-Play Page Templates) to help you write and design a sales page for your high-value offer that makes your ideal students say ‘HELL YES, I’M IN!’


There’s work to be done before the launch, such as warming up your audience with strategic pre-launch content, making any decisions for your launch week (such as dates, bonuses, how many emails to send and when, etc.) + preparing the email and social media copy. Together with trainings on all that, you’ll get access to Email Swipe Copy for Your Launch.


It’s launch week and thanks to this module, you’ll get your first beta students before even creating your course. I’ll help you stay high-vibe during that period, follow your launch plan, and do a few things to boost sales while having fun at the same time.

bold business school module 8 - course creation
Once you’ve created your bold offer, validated the idea and got the first students in thanks to the presale, it’s time to move onto creating your signature program – the one product that you’ll launch over and over again and which will become your main income stream.

You also get access to some epic bonuses


The Bold Niche Masterclass ($97 value)

This masterclass will help you define the right niche for you – the one that will allow you to serve people, do your best work, and make profit.

3-Day Money Magic Training ($197 value)

Change the way you look at money, uncover and re-frame limiting beliefs, and welcome abundance in your life with this training.

Email Swipe Copy ($397 value)

  • welcome email sequence to grow your list and engage your audience
  • lead magnet template
  • 10+ sales emails
  • done-for-you email launch sequence

Plug-and-Play Page Templates ($197 value)

  • 2 sales page templates
  • done-for-you Elementor page templates (for a lead magnet page, waitlist page, and website pages for your offer)

Wealthy Workflows ($67 value)

Your very own directory of step-by-step business processes that you can use any time instead of figuring it out yourself.

pinterest boost ($55 value)

A masterclass to help you demystify Pinterest and create your easy pinning strategy (no automation tools needed!) so your can bring consistent traffic to your website and content.

Lifetime access

Once you’re in, the content in the program is yours forever. But you also get access to all future updates at no extra cost.


The value of the bonuses alone far exceeds the cost of Bold Business School.

What It’s Like Working With Me


As a member of BBS, you will:

it's action time!

Ready to become a course creator?

There’s also a flexible payment plan.

What if you don't have time?

The program is structured in a way that allows you to do things at your own pace. There’s no rush, and you can always go back to a previous module and work on it again.

With focus and determination, a few hours per week invested in Bold Business School can be more than enough.

Not tech-savvy? We got you!

You get access to trainings on anything you need, from building and designing a website (that’s inside a bonus course), setting up an email list and creating opt-in forms and embedding them on your website, to creating funnels and digital products and executing an actual launch.

If there’s a tool involved, you’ll get step-by-step videos on how to use it (in the quickest and most effective way possible).

What’s more, you get access to plenty of templates and swipe files. This is done-for-you content (such as landing pages and launch emails) that you can use over and over again.

How soon will you see results?

Here’s the thing: this isn’t about time, it’s about getting results. This program is results-oriented, meaning you get quick wins before you even start with Module 1. That’s thanks to the action-oriented lessons in the Intro module that will get you thinking and moving in the right direction.

Plus, you get immediate access to bonuses that let you define your niche as quickly as possible, change your money mindset, and much more.

All these potential results and wins are available to you as soon as you enroll in Bold Business School.

Then, in each next module you get access to, you’ll see plenty of results but usually in one area of your digital product business (such as email marketing, building a product, creating your dream offer, or launching).

About Me

Hey, I'm Lidiya

I’m a blogger, course creator and the founder of Let’s Reach Success where I help people build an abundant, value-driven business so they can become financially free, play by their rules and serve their purpose.

I’ve been named one of the top 10 course creators and experts to watch in 2021 by Yahoo! Finance, been featured on TIME magazine, Thrive Global, Disrupt Magazine, and more.


With the content on my blog and the programs I create, I share the steps to ditch your limiting beliefs, unleash your potential, start that side hustle, grow it strategically, and use that income to live your best life & be unapologetically confident!

I can’t wait to show you how to create digital products that will change lives, turn that into the perfect offer for your ideal student, launch like a pro, and create systems so your business runs (and you make sales!) even when you aren’t behind the screen.


If Bold Business School doesn’t BLOW YOUR MIND in 30 days, you can email us at for a FULL REFUND. That’s how convinced I am in the transformation this program provides for you and your business.

All you have to do now is decide if this program is right for you but that can only happen once you get a taste of it. That’s why if you think it might be what you’re looking for, I want you in.

With that being said, nothing will work unless you do. I can’t do the work on your behalf, but I sure can give you the content, tools, strategies and support necessary to get you to your dream business much faster and with as little overwhelm as possible.

If the ONLY thing stopping you from investing in Bold Business School and in yourself is not knowing if this will work for you, I’m here to make it easier for you.

You have EXACTLY 30 days from today to put this program to the test. If you aren’t a whole new bolder version of yourself by then, and totally excited to take massive action in your business, simply email us at to get your complete and FULL REFUND. All I ask is that you show me you’ve done the work! Proof of having done the work includes completing most of the trainings you got access to, downloading the workbooks and doing the homework.

Best-case scenario: You realize this is the business program you’ve been looking for and it contains the tactics, mindset trainings, resources and community that can help you build something profitable.

Worst-case scenario: You decide BBS isn’t for you, get your money back and had 30 days of free content that can’t be found anywhere else.

Both options are risk-free for you.

With this, I am putting 100% of the risk on me. There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Now is the time to decide!

Here’s a quick recap of what you get when you join Bold Business School NOW:

8 modules of transformational content
[bonus] The Bold Niche Masterclass ($97 value)
[bonus] 3-Day Money Magic Training ($197 value)
[bonus] Plug-and-Play Page Templates ($197 value)
[bonus] Email Swipe Copy ($397 value)
[bonus] Wealthy Workflows ($67 value)
[bonus] Pinterest Boost ($55 value)
Lifetime access to EVERYTHING


Now is the time to decide.

You either feel the pull, or not. If you do, I’ll see you inside Bold Business School, where aiming higher and playing a bigger game is the norm.