Popular eBook Topics to Make Your Next Book a Success

Struggling to decide on the right topic for your next eBook? You’re not alone – it’s a common challenge many authors face. Stay with us as we delve into popular eBook topics in different categories, helping you make an informed decision.

Popular eBook Topics by Genre

Fiction eBook Topics

When considering the fiction genre, possibilities are limitless. However, some categories stand out more than others due to their popularity among readers.

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy: These genres capture imaginations with worlds beyond reality. Consider exploring themes like time travel, magical realms, or advanced civilizations.
  • Thriller & Mystery: Readers love the suspense & intrigue. Delve into topics like a nail-biting chase, or a brain-twisting whodunit.
  • Romance: The age-old theme of love never fails. You can explore diverse types such as contemporary romance, historical love stories, or passionate fantasy romances.

Once you have chosen a category within fiction, infuse your style and unique twist into the plot. This will not only make your eBook stand out but also make it more appealing to your target audience.

Non-Fiction eBook Topics

The non-fiction genre is a broad and varied category that encompasses any kind of factual, real-life occurring subject matter. It’s a segment of the eBook market with a vast number of topics that cater to a range of readers with different interests, educational backgrounds, and passions.

  1. Biography and Memoir: Personal narratives are popular in the Non-Fiction genre. A biography or memoir grants readers intimate insight into extraordinary lives, chronicles significant events, and reveals universal truths through personal experiences. For instance, Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” provides an intimate look into her journey from her childhood in Chicago to her time in the White House.
  2. Self-Help: Self-Help books provide practical advice to improve different aspects of life. They guide readers in their personal development, from increasing confidence levels, handling relationships, to promoting physical and mental wellness. An example is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson that imparts unique advice about finding happiness.
  3. History: History books that are well-researched and tell captivating stories from the past interest a significant number of readers. For example, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari which delves into the comprehensive history of human evolution.

To generate ideas and topics for your non-fiction eBook, it’s advisable to start with a subject you are passionate about or an area you are an expert in.

Is there an interesting story in your field that hasn’t been shared yet? Could your personal experience help others facing similar situations?

Remember, effective non-fiction content typically hinges on credible information, well-researched content and the author’s ability to tell engaging stories. Once you pick one of the popular eBook topics for your book, don’t forget to incorporate real-world examples whenever possible, your readers will relate better with the content.

Self-Help and Educational eBook Topics

Self-help and educational books are a popular category due to their ability to provide information, skills, and knowledge that can be used to improve various aspects of readers’ lives. From teaching new skills, improving personal wellbeing, to increasing professional knowledge, these eBooks are all about growth and learning.

What distinguishes the self-help and educational genres is their primary focus on knowledge acquisition and improvement.

Self-help books aim to assist readers in making changes or improvements to various areas of their life, be it personal development, relationships, career goals, or managing stress. The educational genre, on the other hand, provides didactic information on a wide array of topics from language learning, history, science, to mathematics and beyond.

Popular Subcategories Within Self-Help and Educational Genres

Within the self-help sphere, popular subcategories include personal development, health and fitness, mental health, and spirituality. For instance, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck“, an influential personal development book, has sold millions of copies.

In the educational arena, language learning, computer science, academic textbooks, and historical biographies are prevalent. Renowned books like “A brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking have educated and intrigued millions of readers globally.

Writing eBooks in These Categories

Creating eBooks in these genres requires a careful mix of expertise on the topic, understanding of the audience, and an engaging writing style. It’s crucial to base your content on well-researched facts, offering a unique perspective or insights to set your eBook apart. Furthermore, since these eBooks can often cover complex topics, it’s vital to present information in a way that is easy to understand and absorb for the readers.

Business and Professional eBook Topics

Business and professional eBooks are an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to enhance their career development or improve their businesses. They offer insights into various professional fields, innovative business strategies, management principles, and more. This category of eBooks is continuously evolving, reflecting the dynamic nature of the global business landscape.

The business and professional genre focuses on imparting practical knowledge, innovative approaches, and proven strategies to readers. These could range from topic such as entrepreneurship, leadership, project management, digital marketing, finance, to many other specialized subjects.

Popular Subcategories Within Business and Professional Genres

Highly sought-after subcategories in the business and professional genre include leadership and management, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, and personal finance. Notable examples of this include leadership books such as “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries and personal finance books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

Writing eBooks in These Categories

Creating successful eBooks in these categories primarily depends upon your in-depth understanding of the field, current trends, and the ability to present practical, actionable advice. Ensuring your content is up-to-date and relevant to the current market situation can greatly enhance its value. Incorporating case studies, success stories, and examples can also help make your eBook more engaging and relatable to the reader.


In this expansive article, we have navigated through a wide range of popular ebook topics across different genres, providing a valuable resource for potential ebook writers.

  • Fiction Genre eBook Topics: We explored the prolific fiction genre, discussing popular subcategories and providing useful tips for creating captivating content.
  • Non-Fiction Genre eBook Topics: We delved into non-fiction genres, delineating popular subcategories, along with guidance for generating compelling and informative ebook content.
  • Self-Help and Educational eBook Topics: We examined the essential genres of self-help and education, discussed the popular subsets, and presented factors to consider when writing in these impactful genres.
  • Business and Professional eBook Topics: We unveiled popular business and professional ebook topics, providing insights and tips for creating effective and relevant content in these genres.

Understanding the vast landscape of popular ebook topics and genres is crucial for aspiring ebook writers. It not only helps in channeling your creative energies into the right subjects but also significantly raises the chances of your ebook resonating with a large audience.

Use this guide as a compass for your ebook writing journey, leading you towards a topic that’s not only popular but also personally satisfying to write on. Feel encouraged, get writing, and watch your ebook surpass expectations!

Popular eBook Topics FAQs

What makes a fiction genre eBook popular?

A popular fiction ebook typically combines relatable characters, compelling narrative, creative settings, and engaging plots. Genres like mystery, romance, and fantasy often draw large readerships. Therefore, including unique elements within these genres can make a fiction ebook popular.

What are some popular Non-fiction genre eBook topics?

Non-fiction eBooks often gain popularity if they satisfy a need for knowledge or serve as a guide. Popular subjects include self-improvement, wellness, business and finance, and biographies. Real-life experiences and practical, actionable advice add value to this genre.

How can I create a popular eBook in the Self-Help and Educational genre?

Successful self-help and educational ebooks must be authentic, helpful, and easy to understand. Whether it’s about personal growth, learning new skills, or navigating life’s challenges, readers appreciate actionable tips, step-by-step guides, and real-life examples or success stories.

What makes a Business and Professional eBook popular?

Popular business and professional ebooks provide practical insights, successful strategies, and expert advice. Topics like entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and specific industry knowledge tend to attract professionals aiming to update their skills or knowledge base.

Looking for ebook topics that sell? Here are some popular ebook ideas you can use for inspiration for your first or next book: