150 Nail Salon Name Ideas for Your New Business

One of the first steps of starting a nail salon business is to pick its name. Below, you’ll find 150 nail salon name ideas you can use for inspiration.

Choosing the right name for your nail salon is an important step in establishing your brand identity. So before we dive into the list of name ideas, here are some tips to help you pick a great name:

Picking The Right Name for Your Nail Salon

Reflect Your Style and Image

Consider the atmosphere and style of your salon. Is it modern and chic, classic and elegant, or quirky and fun? Your name should reflect the image you want to convey.

Consider Your Target Audience

Think about the type of clients you want to attract. If you’re targeting a younger, trendier crowd, your name might be more playful. For a more mature clientele, you might opt for something sophisticated.

Unique and Memorable

Aim for a name that is unique and easy to remember. Avoid generic or overly common names that may get lost among competitors.

Avoid Limiting Your Services

If you plan to expand your services in the future, avoid names that pigeonhole you into a specific niche. For example, if you start with just nail services but plan to add spa services later, don’t choose a name that suggests only nail treatments.

Check Availability

Before you get too attached to a name, check its availability. Make sure the name is not already in use by another business, and check for the availability of the domain name if you plan to have an online presence.

Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Choose a nail salon name that is easy to spell and pronounce. This will make it easier for clients to remember and share by word of mouth.

Consider the Future

Think about the long-term viability of the name.

Will it still be relevant and appealing as trends change?

Avoid nail salon name ideas that are too trendy unless you plan to rebrand frequently.

Legal Considerations

Check for trademarks and ensure that the name is legally available for use. You don’t want to face legal issues down the road.

Get Feedback

Once you have a shortlist of nail salon name ideas, get feedback from friends, family, or potential clients. This can provide valuable insights and perspectives you might not have considered.

Visual Appeal

Imagine the name on your signage, business cards, and promotional materials. Consider how it will look in various fonts and colors. A visually appealing name can enhance your brand’s aesthetic.

And now, let’s dive into the list of nail salon name ideas.

150 Nail Salon Name Ideas

  1. Glamour Nails Studio
  2. Velvet Touch Nail Lounge
  3. Polished Perfection
  4. Enchanting Nails & Spa
  5. Starry Fingers
  6. The Nail Haven
  7. Chic Tips & Toes
  8. Dazzle Me Nails
  9. Opulent Nail Oasis
  10. Royal Nails Retreat
  11. Luxe Nail Lounge
  12. Serenity Spa Nails
  13. Elegance in Every Stroke
  14. Radiant Nail Bar
  15. Crystal Clear Nails
  16. Divine Digit Delight
  17. Pristine Nail Parlor
  18. Viva La Nails
  19. Envy Nail Studio
  20. Blossom Beauty Nails
  21. Harmony Nails Hub
  22. Opal Nails & Spa
  23. Glitterati Glam Nails
  24. The Nail Artistry
  25. Tranquil Tips
  26. Whimsical Nails & Beyond
  27. Splendid Spectrum Nails
  28. Bella Vista Nail Salon
  29. Dashing Diva Nails
  30. The Nail Emporium
  31. Radiant Rose Nails
  32. Celestial Nails Studio
  33. Urban Chic Nail Lounge
  34. Velvet Vine Nails
  35. Zenith Nail Spa
  36. Diamond Darling Nails
  37. Gilded Glamour Nails
  38. Tres Chic Nail Haven
  39. Sublime Shine Nails
  40. Pearl Perfection
  41. Artisan Nails Gallery
  42. Polka Dot Posh Nails
  43. Sassy and Classy Nails
  44. Opulence Overture Nails
  45. Blossom Bliss Nail Studio
  46. Golden Touch Nails
  47. Allure Nail Art
  48. Dreamy Digits
  49. Infinite Nails Studio
  50. Sapphire Sky Nails
  51. Plush Polish Palace
  52. Nouveau Nails & Spa
  53. Urban Elegance Nails
  54. Enchanté Nail Lounge
  55. Velvet Varnish Nails
  56. Radiant Rosebud Nails
  57. The Nail Alcove
  58. Serendipity Nails Spa
  59. Chic Charm Nails
  60. Pure Elegance Nail Bar
  61. Vibrant Vogue Nails
  62. Lush Lavender Nails
  63. Crystal Cascade Nails
  64. Velvet Veil Nails
  65. Blossom Breeze Nail Studio
  66. Glamour Grove Nails
  67. Starlight Serenity Nails
  68. Timeless Touch Nails
  69. Enchanted Elegance
  70. Luxurious Luster Nails
  71. Urban Bloom Nail Studio
  72. Radiance Reflect Nails
  73. Ethereal Elegance Nails
  74. Delicate Daisy Nails
  75. Prismatic Perfection
  76. Royal Radiance Nails
  77. Dazzling Digits Studio
  78. Pearl Petals Nail Lounge
  79. Velvet Vista Nails
  80. Radiant Rosewood Nails
  81. Golden Gaze Nails
  82. Exquisite Essence Nails
  83. Tinted Tips & Toes
  84. Blossom and Blush Nails
  85. Gilded Gaze Nails
  86. Gemstone Grace Nails
  87. Timeless Trends Nails
  88. Enigma Elegance Nails
  89. Glitter Grove Nails
  90. Velvet Vogue Nails
  91. Lush Lagoon Nail Studio
  92. Celestial Chic Nails
  93. Opulent Opal Nails
  94. Dreamy Daze Nails
  95. Ethereal Euphoria Nails
  96. Jewel Jamboree Nails
  97. Radiant Rainforest Nails
  98. Velvet Vortex Nails
  99. Dazzling Dahlia Nails
  100. Twinkle Toes Nail Haven
  101. Opal Orchid Nails
  102. Blossom Boudoir Nails
  103. Celestial Coral Nails
  104. Radiant Rendezvous Nails
  105. Lush Lotus Nails
  106. Velvet Volcano Nails
  107. Starry Skyline Nails
  108. Luxe Lagoon Nail Lounge
  109. Glitter Garden Nails
  110. Diamond Dynasty Nails
  111. Velvet Vortex Nails
  112. Lush Lavender Nail Loft
  113. Radiant Reverie Nails
  114. Enigma Elegance Nails
  115. Celestial Citrine Nails
  116. Blossom and Blush Nail Lounge
  117. Velvet Vortex Nail Studio
  118. Dazzling Dahlia Nail Haven
  119. Ethereal Essence Nails
  120. Lush Lagoon Nail Loft
  121. Celestial Coral Nail Lounge
  122. Radiant Rendezvous Nail Studio
  123. Twinkle Toes Nail Artistry
  124. Opal Orchid Nail Loft
  125. Velvet Volcano Nail Haven
  126. Starry Skyline Nail Lounge
  127. Luxe Lagoon Nail Studio
  128. Diamond Dynasty Nail Haven
  129. Radiant Reverie Nail Lounge
  130. Celestial Citrine Nail Studio
  131. Blossom and Blush Nail Studio
  132. Velvet Vortex Nail Haven
  133. Dazzling Dahlia Nail Lounge
  134. Ethereal Essence Nail Studio
  135. Lush Lagoon Nail Haven
  136. Celestial Coral Nail Studio
  137. Radiant Rendezvous Nail Haven
  138. Twinkle Toes Nail Studio
  139. Opal Orchid Nail Lounge
  140. Velvet Volcano Nail Studio
  141. Starry Skyline Nail Haven
  142. Luxe Lagoon Nail Lounge
  143. Diamond Dynasty Nail Studio
  144. Radiant Reverie Nail Studio
  145. Celestial Citrine Nail Lounge
  146. Blossom and Blush Nail Haven
  147. Velvet Vortex Nail Lounge
  148. Dazzling Dahlia Nail Studio
  149. Ethereal Essence Nail Haven
  150. Lush Lagoon Nail Lounge

Which of the nail salon business ideas do you like the most?

Remember that your salon’s name is an essential part of your overall branding strategy. It should convey the essence of your business and leave a positive and lasting impression on your clients. Take your time to brainstorm, and don’t hesitate to seek input from others in the process.

Starting a nail salon business? In this guide, you'll find 150 nail salon name ideas you can use for inspiration.