Starting a Beauty Salon? Here Are 100 Beauty Salon Name Ideas to Choose From

A beauty salon business is a service-oriented enterprise that provides a range of beauty and cosmetic treatments to enhance the appearance and well-being of its clients. These establishments typically offer services related to hair care, skincare, nail care, and sometimes additional spa services.

Starting and running a successful beauty salon requires a combination of technical skill, creativity, business acumen, and a focus on customer satisfaction. It’s an industry that thrives on repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and the ability to adapt to evolving beauty trends and client preferences.

Before we dive into the beauty salon name ideas, let’s talk about naming your beauty salon.

Picking a Beauty Salon Name

Choosing the right name for your beauty salon is a crucial step in establishing your brand identity. Here are some tips to help you pick the right beauty salon name:

Reflect Your Brand

Your salon name should reflect the image and atmosphere you want to create. Consider the style, vibe, and overall experience you want your clients to have.

Target Audience

Think about your target audience. If you’re catering to a specific demographic or offering specialized services, make sure the name resonates with that audience.


Choose a name that is easy to remember. A memorable name is more likely to stick in the minds of potential clients.


Ensure that the name is unique and not already in use by another salon in your area. This helps avoid confusion and legal issues. Go through the 100 beauty salon name ideas below and maybe create your own version by combining a few.

Relevance to Services

Consider including words or concepts related to beauty, makeup, hair, skincare, or relaxation to make it clear what services your salon provides.

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Avoid Trends

While it’s good to stay current, avoid overly trendy names that might quickly become outdated. Aim for a name that will stand the test of time.

Check Domain Availability

If you plan to have an online presence, check the availability of the domain for your salon name. Consistency across your physical and online presence is important.

Consider Pronunciation and Spelling

Choose a beauty salon name that is easy to pronounce and spell. This makes it easier for clients to find you online and refer your salon to others.

Get Feedback

Test potential names with friends, family, or potential clients to get feedback. This can provide valuable insights and perspectives.

Legal Considerations

Check the availability of the name in your local business registry to ensure it’s not already in use. Also, check for trademarks to avoid legal issues.

Future Expansion

Consider whether the name allows for future expansion or diversification of services. You want a name that can grow with your business.

Positive Connotations

Choose words with positive connotations that evoke the feelings you want associated with your salon. This can create a positive first impression.

Personal Connection

If applicable, consider using your own name or a name that has personal significance. This can create a more intimate and personalized connection with clients.

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Check Social Media Handles

Ensure that the name for your beauty salon is available as a social media handle on platforms you plan to use. Consistent branding across platforms is important.

100 Beauty Salon Name Ideas

  1. Glam Haven
  2. Radiant Reflections
  3. Divine Locks Studio
  4. Enchanté Beauty Bar
  5. Luxe Mane Lounge
  6. Starlight Styles
  7. Posh Glow Salon
  8. Velvet Vanity
  9. Ethereal Elegance
  10. Blossom Beauty Haven
  11. Allure Aura
  12. Urban Chic Salon
  13. Opulent Orchid Spa
  14. Velvet Verve Salon
  15. Eclat Elegance
  16. Siren Salon & Spa
  17. Infinite Allure
  18. Timeless Tresses Studio
  19. Lush Luminance
  20. Silk & Satin Salon
  21. Serene Sirens Beauty
  22. Radiant Roots Salon
  23. Glamour Grove
  24. Moonlit Mane Studio
  25. Elite Essence Salon
  26. Pure Radiance Spa
  27. Bloom & Blush Beauty
  28. Chic Charm Salon
  29. Gilded Glamour
  30. Captivating Curls Studio
  31. Crystal Clear Complexion
  32. Velvet Touch Salon
  33. Dazzling Diva Beauty
  34. Charmed Cheveux
  35. Opal Oasis Spa
  36. Orchid Opulence Salon
  37. Envy Elegance Studio
  38. Radiant Ripples Salon
  39. Blissful Breeze Beauty
  40. Beyond Beauty Bliss
  41. Viva Vogue Salon
  42. Glittering Grace Spa
  43. Pearl Petals Beauty
  44. Harmony Haven Salon
  45. Prism Palette Studio
  46. Celestial Chic Beauty
  47. Silk Sway Salon
  48. Blossom & Bloom Beauty
  49. Regal Radiance Spa
  50. Velvet Vista Salon
  51. Timeless Trends Beauty
  52. Urban Glow Salon
  53. Mystic Mane Studio
  54. Enchanting Elegance
  55. Lustrous Lashes Lounge
  56. Essence of Elegance Spa
  57. Crystal Cascade Salon
  58. Captivating Coils Beauty
  59. Radiant Reverie
  60. Velvet Vogue Salon
  61. Purely Polished Spa
  62. Serenity Styles Studio
  63. Moonlit Mirage Beauty
  64. Blossom Bliss Salon
  65. Opulent Origins Spa
  66. Glamour & Glow Studio
  67. Velvet Vista Salon
  68. Ethereal Essence Beauty
  69. Glittering Gaze Salon
  70. Swaying Silhouettes Spa
  71. Radiant Reverie Beauty
  72. Glam Garden Salon
  73. Chic Cascade Studio
  74. Velvet Vista Salon
  75. Opulent Orchid Spa
  76. Radiant Roots Salon
  77. Timeless Trends Beauty
  78. Velvet Vogue Salon
  79. Mystic Mane Studio
  80. Ethereal Essence Beauty
  81. Glamour & Glow Studio
  82. Celestial Chic Beauty
  83. Regal Radiance Spa
  84. Pearl Petals Beauty
  85. Velvet Vista Salon
  86. Blossom Bliss Salon
  87. Mystic Mane Studio
  88. Blossom & Bloom Beauty
  89. Crystal Cascade Salon
  90. Silk Sway Salon
  91. Celestial Chic Beauty
  92. Velvet Touch Salon
  93. Radiant Ripples Salon
  94. Prism Palette Studio
  95. Harmony Haven Salon
  96. Pearl Petals Beauty
  97. Glittering Grace Spa
  98. Urban Glow Salon
  99. Glittering Gaze Salon
  100. Velvet Vogue Salon

So, which of these beauty salon name ideas do you like the most? Is it how you’re going to name your beauty business?

Here are some tips on naming your beauty salon business, as well as 100 beauty salon name ideas you can choose from: